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Welcome to MakingChips - We believe that manufacturing is challenging, but if you are connected to a community of leaders, you can elevate your skills, solve your problems and grow your business. Making Chips is a weekly podcast that will EQUIP and INSPIRE MANUFACTURING LEADERS to succeed in the challenging world of manufacturing. Our mission is for the METALWORKING NATION to Think Differently About Manufacturing In Order to Elevate their Game. Your hosts, Jason Zenger & Jim Carr, own manufacturing businesses and interview other leaders in the metalworking, machining, fabrication, tooling and machine tool industries. We have interviewed successful manufacturing CEOs you may have not heard of and also the biggest names in manufacturing like Titan Gilroy from Titans of CNC, John Saunders from NYC CNC, Mark Terryberry from Haas Automation and others from MakerCast, Sandvik Coromant, Autocrib and more. Think of us as your virtual community of manufacturing peers to help solve your toughest problems and grow your business. "Making Chips has provided a transparent approach to sharing within the manufacturing community and a modern platform to do so. Thank you both for taking the lead on moving our industry segment forward!" Patricia Miller - CEO & Visionary (Matrix IV) I really think what you guys are doing is a great, great thing for manufacturing. I have learned so much already from many of your episodes, and am so thrilled to have met people that get as revved up about manufacturing as I do! Cassandra Haupers – Vice President of Operations (Swiss Precision Machining) I love being able to experience what manufacturers are doing to promote culture and engage their team members and community. All of us are smarter than one of us. That is why I am part of the Making Chips tribe. Barry E. Walter, Jr. – Chief Operating Officer (Barry E. Walter, Sr. Co.) Finally, relevant manufacturing media that is actually entertaining! Dietmar Goellner – Chief Executive Officer (Advanced Machine & Engineering / Hennig) The more manufacturing companies we can get to think this way, the stronger our industry will be. Thank you for sharing! Jess Giudici – Manager, Talent and Culture I’m thankful to you for creating MakingChips for the Metalworking Nation so that Owners / Employees can strengthen their companies. Phil Sponsler – President (ORBITFORM) I love the podcast! It really serves to fill a void in the manufacturing world. I will admit I always feel a little more inspired. Jason Falk – Senior Application Engineer, CMTSE (HURCO) Thanks to all the great info on your podcasts and the website. Dave Lechleitner – Director of Solutions and Product Marketing (KEYEDIN) I really love what you guys are doing to advance the mfg industry in a way that really reaches the right audiences. Jeff Rizzie – Senior Manager-Business Development (Sandvik Coromant)
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Nov 18, 2020

In this week's podcast, hosts Jason Zenger, Jim Carr, and Nick Goellner invite guest Peter Eelman, Vice President & CXO at AMT to discuss how IMTS pivoted into an online digital destination for Manufacturers.


  • Missing IMTS - Everybody gets together (2:15)
  • Good News with Jim Carr (6:30)
  • Manufacturing News: Smart manufacturing platform revenue to pass $32B annually by 2025 (7:04)
  • Introducing our Guest: Peter Eelman (14:12)
  • IMTS Spark is a digital destination for a connected manufacturing community (16:45)
  • Peter: This is not a virtual tradeshow (21:45)
  • Jason: The main theme of 2020 is rebuilding the supply chain (30:20)
  • IMTS is coming back in 2022 (38:30)
  • Why you should sign-up for IMTS spark today (40:34)
  • What happened to IMTS 2020 swag? (44:00)
  • Takeaways from IMTS Spark (46:10)

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Oct 27, 2020

In this week's podcast, hosts Jason Zenger and Jim Carr invite guest Jenn Ryan, SVP of Global Network Operations at Xometry to discuss how they pivoted during COVID and how it helped them transform who they are as a business.


  • Jim and Jason’s businesses thriving when the industry is down (1:44)

  • Good news at Carr’s: 4th new CNC machine (6:06)

  • Jason Discusses the Manufacturing News: Foxconn fails to meet requirements in Wisconsin (6:47)

  • Introducing our guest: Jenn Ryan, SVP of Global Network Operations at Xometry (11:40)

Check out our previous episodes 122 & 189 with Xometry

  • Jenn: Keeping the doors open during COVID shutdowns (14:10)

  • Jenn: Changing the binary questions “What part of this job can I do?” (17:10)

  • Jason: Why we created the Makingchips podcast (19:20)

  • Jenn: Partner Success stories in 2020 (21:00)

  • Jason: We need more manufacturing in the US (31:05)

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Oct 20, 2020

In this week's podcast, hosts Jim Carr and Jason Zenger invite guests Paul Van Metre, Co-Founder of ProShop ERP, and Matt Gawlik, President of 3D Industries to discuss what it takes to properly implement a new ERP in a machine shop, and how it can change your culture.


  • How the ERP revolution shifted our culture (1:47)
  • Teasing our special guests (2:56)
  • Putting on makeup is fun? IMTS interview (3:33)
  • What’s new with Jason: Zengers, Black Industrial (5:00)
  • Discussing this week’s manufacturing news (6:20)
  • Introducing our guest: Paul Van Metre from ProShop (13:13)
  • Introducing our other guest: Matt Gawlik, President of 3D Industries (14:10)
  • The origin story of “3D Industries” (15:20)
  • How Matt found ProShop (16:45)
  • Jim: Using the wrong ERP for 20 years (19:52)
  • Matt: Rehabilitating the company to implement the perfect ERP (20:45)
  • Jason: What is a Pirate ship company? (27:25)
  • Roadblocks when implementing a new ERP (28:00)
  • ProShop features that hit the spot for Machine shops (30:45)
  • What is your estimator doing all day now? (33:55)
  • Matt: Extracting data from the minds of employees is a necessary safeguard (34:45)
  • Culture Shift: Before and After ProShop (38:50)
  • Paul: Implementing ERPs is a team commitment (43:45)

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Oct 8, 2020

In this week's podcast, hosts Jason Zenger and Jim Carr discuss the process of building the right legacy you want to leave behind as a Manufacturing Leader.


  • Getting morbid for a minute (0:45)
  • Leaving a legacy after a transition (2:10)
  • Jim compares MakingChips hosts to past music greats (3:30)
  • Another new CNC machine at Carr Machine (5:06)
  • Jason, the business coach? (6:27)
  • Manufacturing News: New manufacturing facility for undersea drones (8:40)
  • Jason: Leaving a positive legacy in the minds of others (11:51)
  • A legacy gone wrong: Statues don’t make chips (16:30)
  • Guiding principles towards a great legacy (19:40)
  • Every manufacturing leader needs to think about their legacy (27:10)

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Oct 2, 2020

In this week's episode, we get a look into Carr Machine's setup process. Hosts Jim Carr and Nick Goellner invite guests Ryan Carr, Operations Manager at CARR Machine and Tool, Inc., and Paul Van Metre, Co-Founder of ProShop ERP on to discuss the challenges they face with long setup times and explore how ProShop has helped them refine the process while providing measurable analytics for future improvement. 


  • Jim and Nick talk about manufacturing news 4:26
  • Jim Introduces Paul Van Metre and Ryan Carr 8:40
  • Jim introduces the age-old issue of setup times 10:34
  • Ryan talks about today’s setup process on the shop floor at Carr 14:18
  • Jim and Ryan talk about how their team uses ProShop 15:47
  • Paul Van Metre lays out the pre-processing checklist at ProShop 20:42
  • Paul and Ryan cover the impact of implementing ProShop 26:41
  • Jim addresses the transition of accountability 29:54
  • Nick asks about ROI and measurable results for improvement 31:55
  • Success stories with ProShop 36:05
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Sep 28, 2020

In this week's podcast, hosts Jim Carr and Jason Zenger discuss old school manufacturing tips that still equip & inspire their team on the shop floor.


  • The guys discuss this week's manufacturing news. (8:41)
  • Solving today's shop problems with "old school" techniques: Tapping (18:10)
  • Flatness on prints/Material Science (23:38)
  • Using oversized materials for better accuracy (26:12)
  • Bringing back old school collaboration (28:36)
  • Machine tool distributors selling tooling (31:50)
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Sep 15, 2020

This week on the MakingChips podcast, Host Nick Goellner, Jim Carr, and Jason Zenger discuss the Agile Marketing Process and how to have a marketing program in place that allows you to pivot when the time comes!



  • The guys discuss this week's manufacturing news. (6:12)
  • What is ProShop: (10:40)
  • What great marketing is and what great marketing isn't. (16:05)
  • GPCT Workshop: Goals.Plans.Challenges.Timelines.(19:10)
  • Begin with the end in mind—start creating vision backlogs. (20:55)
  • Keys to success: Prioritize, Protect your sprints, Pull don't push, Park. (29:45)
  • 4 keywords for meetings: Daily stand up, Plan, Review, Reflect. (35:15)
  • How does a marketing program work for a small job shop? (37:42) 
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Sep 9, 2020

This week on the MakingChips Podcast, Jim Carr shares 6 tips on what CARR Machine & Tool has done to pivot from prototypes to becoming a full production machine shop.


  • Jim shares this week's manufacturing news - "Making Robots Smarter & Safer."  (7:05)
  • Tip #1: How do you quote a production job? (17:44)
  • Tip #2: The importance of manufacturing planning. (21:25) 
  • Tip #3: Determining the correct amount of pieces in your active setup. (24:10)
  • Tip #4: Know your tools. (28:00)
  • Tip #5: Understanding your Customer Demands (36:38)
  • Tip #6: Look into automation, robots, and cobots. (38:10)
Aug 26, 2020

This week's guest, Ted Ladzinski from Motor City Spindle Repair joins co-hosts Jim Carr, Jason Zenger, and Nick Goellner to discuss ways to increase your spindles’ longevity, how to know when to replace your spindle, as well as how to use short- and long-term social media strategies to generate leads.

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  • Nick shares this week's manufacturing news. (7:10)
  • Nick introduces this week's guest Ted Ladzinski. (10:00)
  • Ted shares his story on he got started in manufacturing. (12:56)
  • Creating an impactful social media strategy in manufacturing. (14:18)
  • Ted gives insight into creating a short- vs long-term strategy on social media. (21:00)
  • Ted shares how to know when it's time to replace your spindle. (40:20)
  • Tips to increase your spindles’ longevity. (48:15)  
Aug 18, 2020

Co-host Jim Carr, Jason Zenger and Nick Goellner are joined by Andrew Crowe, Ranken Technical College Instructor and Senior Machinist at Seiler to discuss the diversity and skills gap the manufacturing industry is facing today.

Tune in as you learn Andrew's vision to create a more diverse manufacturing community and a ways recruiting, educating, and funding are impacting the skills gap we face today in this episode of MakingChips.



  • Jason shares positive news about Zenger's Industrial. (3:14) 
  • The guys introduce this week's guest, Andrew Crowe. (8:29)
  • Andrew shares his experience during the 2008 recession. (12:30) 
  • Andrew gives insight on why and how he got involved in the manufacturing industry. (13:09)
  • The guys discuss diversity in manufacturing. (19:40) 
  • Dissecting the skills gap and diversity in manufacturing: Image or awareness? (21:35)
  • Ways to expose manufacturing to different communities and cultures.  (23:02)
  • Andrew shares his vision to create a more diverse manufacturing community. (24:18)
  • Andrew shares his strategies in bringing in more talent into the workforce. (26:25)
  • Awareness, curriculum and funding: How to solve them? (32:00)
Aug 11, 2020

A year without IMTS, FabTech, etc. have you wondering what comes next for industry tradeshows? In this episode, Jim, Jason, and Nick talk all about the year without tradeshows. They cover everything from attendees to exhibitors and ways you can still market yourself without using large tradeshows.

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  • The podcast talks IMTS and trade shows during COVID 1:02
  • Jim shares his good news… a new HAAS on the shop floor 3:18
  • Jim shares manufacturing news… Second-quarter GDP plunges 5:10
  • Jason introduces this week’s topic: Why you go to trade shows 9:20
  • Going to trade shows to see new technology 10:03
  • Nicks talks about translating into the digital market 13:40
  • Jason asks, is losing IMTS a gain or a loss for your business? 14:39
  • Alternatives to trade shows: smaller shows and digital spaces 16:00
  • Finding the missing social connection that shows provide 19:51
  • Going to trade shows to buy and sell 22:43
  • Jason asks, what’s the alternative to selling at a trade show? 23:46
  • Are trade shows here for the long haul? The hosts perspectives 27:38
  • Chiptober Fest! Come join us 30:55
Aug 4, 2020

What exactly is EOS, and what is an L10 meeting? This week on the MakingChips podcast, co-hosts Jim Carr, Jason Zenger, and Nick Goellner share their experiences and discuss how to use the Entrepreneurial Operating System for leadership success. 



  • Jason and Nick share their thoughts on expansion. (3:33)
  • Jim announces 'Chiptober Fest' for the MakingChips Grand Opening event.  (5:45)
  • Jim shares this week's manufacturing news: Indiana Lost nearly 8,000 Manufacturing Jobs in 2019 (6:50)
  • Jim reads the first paragraph of Letting Go of The Vine, of the book Traction. (11:45)
  • What is EOS? The Definition of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (12:39)
  • Nick defines the process of kicking off your EOS (17:00)
  • What is an L10 meeting and why is it called L10? (21:08)
  • The structure of a Level 10 meeting: (23:46)
  • One of the most important aspects of the L10 meeting- Rocks. (27:23)
  • The 3rd aspect of the L10 Meeting: Client/Employee Headlines ( 30:40)
  • What are To-Do lists? (31:40)
  • Identify, discuss, solve: Issues List  (32:27)
  • Differentiating the types of issues that belong on the issues list. (35:07)
  • L10 Meeting: What is a parking lot? (38:55) 
  • The guys share their success using L10 meetings for their businesses. (40:38)
Jul 28, 2020

Are you communicating with your team effectively? Step up your communication skills this week as Jason Zenger shares 10 effective tips to improve your communication as a leader. 

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  • Segments:

    • Jason discusses "miscommunication" (1:02)
    • Jim shares good news about Carr Machine & Tool. (5:28)
    • The guys discuss this week's manufacturing news. (7:44)
    • Tip #1: How to be self aware to understand your team better. (14:30) 
    • Tip #2: Why you should assume the best in others when you communicate. (15:47)
    • Tip #3: Have a mutual best outcome in mind while communicating.  (17:01) 
    • Tip #4: Be direct and forthcoming, but be empathetic. (19:02) 
    • Tip #5: Be open with your team: Share your thoughts and ideas with your team. (20:33)
    • Tip #6: Understand people can handle bad news better than they can handle lack of communication. (21:30) 
    • Tip #7: Be specific with what you're asking for. (22:48)
    • Tip #8: Seek to understand your team. (27:20)
    • Tip #9: Over-communicate. (29:54) 
    • Tip #10: Learn how others like to receive communication. (31:14)
Jul 21, 2020

In this episode, MakingChips hosts, Jim Carr, Jason Zenger, and Nick Goellner interview MakingChips Agency Director Jessica Peterson about what it means to have brand standards for your manufacturing business and why having a logo doesn't translate to having a brand. 



  • The guys discuss this week's manufacturing news. (5:08)
  • The guys introduce this week's topic of Brand standards with special guest, MakingChips Marketing Director Jessica Peterson (9:00) 
  • Jessica shares the importance of brand standards and where to start. (11:16)
  • Jessica gives insight on what should be part of your brand standards: Brand Book, Style Guide, and Media Kit (13:32)
  • Jessica shares some core elements your brand book should include. (15:48)
  • Jessica explains what a Media Kit is. (20:17)
  • Jason defines what a Favicon is and how to use it properly. (25:05)
  • The guys discuss the importance of defining your brand standards if you want to be a company that scales. (27:08)
  • Jessica shares how a small shop can start creating their brand book. (30:40)

    Email Jessica at 
Jul 14, 2020

When it comes to managing a sales team, it’s important not to confuse efforts with results. In this episode, co-host Nick Goellner draws on his experience as AME Sales & Marketing Director to discuss key sales results and metrics as they relate to manufacturing sales team management, customer service, and marketing efforts.



  • Co-host Jim Carr discusses what is keeping him positive at work right now. (1:37)
  • Nick gives a Boring Bar update, announcing staff changes and new employment opportunities. (2:37)
  • Co-host Jason Zenger gives a business update and introduces the topic of journalistic integrity. (4:49)
  • The guys discuss this week’s manufacturing news regarding U.S. manufacturing hitting a 14-month high. (8:47)
  • The guys introduce this week’s topic of sales and the impact it has on manufacturing businesses and how sales are managed at each business
  • Nick explains his four types of sales management: territory, account, opportunity, call; and defines sales force enablement and how it can improve a team. (16:32)
  • Nick provides details on the types of sales meetings he uses, including the frequency, order of operations, and desired outcomes. (20:19)
  • The guys discuss utilizing the CRM (22:20) 
  • Nick explains the difference between group vs one-on-one meetings at AME and provides details about performance criteria including: new business development, key account management, brand building. (29:33)
  • Nick defines his expectations of what it means to be a brand builder and explains how he evaluates his sales team, including factors he uses to adjust compensation. (36:40)

Mentioned on the Show:


Hubspot Salesforce Integration

“U.S. manufacturing activity hits 14-month high”

Jul 7, 2020

Times are changing and as manufacturing leaders, we need to adjust with these times. "In business, if we don't change, we don't grow and we don't survive." - Robin Johnson, a change agent, with a passion for helping organizational leaders move their organizations from current to future state joins MakingChips to discuss how to become emotionally intelligent as a leader during these changing times.


  • Jim and Jason discuss how they are changing and adapting with their businesses through a global pandemic. (1:42)
  • Jason and Jim discuss manufacturing news about the H.R. 6690 Act (5:46)
  • Guest Robin Johnson explains what emotional intelligence is. (13:41) 
  • Robin gives insight on how to use emotional intelligence as a manufacturing leader.
  • Robin discusses the importance of having your employees feeling great about wanting to work for your business. (20:45)
  • The 16 elements to emotional intelligence. (26:54)
  • Robin and Jim discuss how to help nurture your employees to accept change. (28:18)
  • The types of leaders you should look for to help grow your business. (34:35)
  • Robin shares insight on how she got into change and development. 

Mentioned on the Show:

Bring Entrepreneurial Advancements To Consumers Here In North America Act (H.R.6690)
Leaders Don't Have to Be Lonely: Eliminate the Loneliness by Leading Like a Coach (Book)
Jun 30, 2020

In business and in life we all experience pain we can’t control. Jim Carr reflects on the recent death of his parents and gives practical advice on how business leaders can prepare for personal loss and grief.



  • Jason Zenger talks about the recent trend of companies coming back to ZENGER’S from large national integrators and discusses the value of high-level customer service. (3:20)
  • Jason and Jim discuss manufacturing news about how the Reshoring Initiative aims to bring manufacturing back to the U.S. (5:15)
  • Jim discusses multi-generational machine shops and the importance of mitigating a personal and professional plan for when a leader passes on. (13:30)
  • Jason and Jim discuss the role of open communication in succession planning and the value of hiring of outside professionals to help. (18:10)
  • Jim discusses the importance of creating a trust to avoid probate and insulate assets from creditors. (24:30)
  • Jim answers Jason’s questions about the most valuable lessons he learned from his father. (28:30)
  • Jim discusses the evolution of leadership styles from his father’s generation to now and explains how creating core values and adapting to modern business practices has helped him navigate succession and loss. (32:15)


Mentioned on the Show:

Don’t Give Up on Bringing Manufacturing Back to the U.S. (article)

Bellicose Rhetoric (definition)

Jun 16, 2020

Co-hosts Jim Carr, Nick Goellner and Jason Zenger talk about their past experiences with fear in business, including navigating recession, unemployment, and the current pandemic, then offer seven steps for leading through fear, along with personal applications and examples. 



  1. Nick and Jim to talk about their most fearful time in business (1:30)
  2. Jim gives an update on Carr Machine Tool’s new business (5:15)
  3. Jason introduces manufacturing news about Apple’s manufacturing base (6:45)
  4. Jim, Nick and Jason talk about overcoming fear as business leaders and provide commentary on how taking certain steps have led to successful innovation, expansion and reinvention. (10:15)
  5. Jim, Nick, and Jason add their final thoughts and reflections. (27:40)


Mentioned on the show:

The Strategic Coach Podcast 

Killing Marketing: How Innovative Businesses Are Turning Marketing Cost Into Profit, by Richard Rose


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Jun 9, 2020

Guest Steve Schubert, Chief Operating Officer at Advanced Machine & Engineering Co., talks with co-hosts Jim Carr, Nick Goellner, and Jason Zenger about his rise from high school apprentice to a manufacturing industry leader and provides advice and perspective on recruiting and training the next generation of manufacturers.



  • Jason provides a positive outlook on business-related changes prompted by COVID-19 (2:10)
  • Nick introduces manufacturing news about a recent drop in Europe’s automotive industry sales (4:05)
  • Guest Steve Schubert explains how he first got involved in manufacturing (10:00)
  • Steve discusses his experience with formal apprenticeship and gives some thoughts on alternative educational opportunities and what it will take to build future manufacturing leaders (21:00)
  • Steve gives insight into recruitment and discusses specific sources for finding future employees  (28:00)
  • Jason and Jim discuss whether or not it is the company’s responsibility to teach soft skills (33:00)
  • Steve provides advice on how small companies can benefit from apprenticeship programs and gives final thoughts on the benefits of a career in manufacturing (36:00)
  • Jim, Nick, and Jason provide final takeaways (42:00)


Mentioned on the show:

Rock River Valley Tooling and Machining Association

German Precision Tool Industry Projects Decline in Consumption

May 27, 2020

When it comes to your cutting tools, how do you know when it's time to resharpen or recycle? This week on the MakingChips podcast, hosts Jim Carr, Jason Zenger, and Nick Goellner discuss when and why you should consider resharpening your cutting tools as well as the cost to resharpen versus cost of buying brand new.

May 12, 2020

It’s tempting, in rapid response, to abandon procedures or suspend protocols in order to solve immediate crisis situations. This week’s guest, Noah Goellner, lean manufacturing expert and COO of Hennig Inc., provides practical methods for incorporating your company’s core values and internal processes to produce successful solutions, no matter the timeline or challenge.

Apr 30, 2020

MakingChips guest Jim Griffith, an employment attorney for HR Source, answers timely questions about individual state and federal marijuana laws, and provides manufacturing leaders with three action steps to help address management and human resources issues related to the use of legalized cannabis.

Apr 24, 2020

Chad Moutray, chief economist for the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), talks with MC hosts Jim Carr, Nick Goellner, and Jason Zenger to provide insight into the current economic conditions for manufacturers during COVID-19 and offer an economic forecast for the future of our industry.

Apr 13, 2020

In a timely interview, Jim Carr, Nick Goellner, and Jason Zenger sit down with Cook County IL Board of Commissioners President Toni Preckwinkle, who oversees one of the nation’s largest public health and hospital systems as well as one of the nation’s largest criminal justice systems, to discuss details of the COVID-19 management and response, the CARES Act, and how to utilize current and future available resources to meet the demands of the crisis. 

Mar 31, 2020

Are there any positives in this pandemic? With social distancing, working from home, schools and businesses closing, and travel being restricted, the physical and psychological impact of COVID-19 is hitting us all. The MakingChips podcast has always focused on equipping and inspiring leaders in the manufacturing industry and we are not changing course now. In this episode, Jim Carr and Nick Goellner talk with guest Karl Koenigsberger, Business Development Manager at IRIS Factory Automation, about finding opportunities to improve services, products, and management during this unprecedented time of change and challenge.

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