MAKING CHIPS Podcast for Manufacturing Leaders with Jason Zenger & Jim Carr

Welcome to MakingChips - We believe that manufacturing is challenging, but if you are connected to a community of leaders, you can elevate your skills, solve your problems and grow your business. Making Chips is a weekly podcast that will EQUIP and INSPIRE MANUFACTURING LEADERS to succeed in the challenging world of manufacturing. Our mission is for the METALWORKING NATION to Think Differently About Manufacturing In Order to Elevate their Game. Your hosts, Jason Zenger & Jim Carr, own manufacturing businesses and interview other leaders in the metalworking, machining, fabrication, tooling and machine tool industries. We have interviewed successful manufacturing CEOs you may have not heard of and also the biggest names in manufacturing like Titan Gilroy from Titans of CNC, John Saunders from NYC CNC, Mark Terryberry from Haas Automation and others from MakerCast, Sandvik Coromant, Autocrib and more. Think of us as your virtual community of manufacturing peers to help solve your toughest problems and grow your business. "Making Chips has provided a transparent approach to sharing within the manufacturing community and a modern platform to do so. Thank you both for taking the lead on moving our industry segment forward!" Patricia Miller - CEO & Visionary (Matrix IV) I really think what you guys are doing is a great, great thing for manufacturing. I have learned so much already from many of your episodes, and am so thrilled to have met people that get as revved up about manufacturing as I do! Cassandra Haupers – Vice President of Operations (Swiss Precision Machining) I love being able to experience what manufacturers are doing to promote culture and engage their team members and community. All of us are smarter than one of us. That is why I am part of the Making Chips tribe. Barry E. Walter, Jr. – Chief Operating Officer (Barry E. Walter, Sr. Co.) Finally, relevant manufacturing media that is actually entertaining! Dietmar Goellner – Chief Executive Officer (Advanced Machine & Engineering / Hennig) The more manufacturing companies we can get to think this way, the stronger our industry will be. Thank you for sharing! Jess Giudici – Manager, Talent and Culture I’m thankful to you for creating MakingChips for the Metalworking Nation so that Owners / Employees can strengthen their companies. Phil Sponsler – President (ORBITFORM) I love the podcast! It really serves to fill a void in the manufacturing world. I will admit I always feel a little more inspired. Jason Falk – Senior Application Engineer, CMTSE (HURCO) Thanks to all the great info on your podcasts and the website. Dave Lechleitner – Director of Solutions and Product Marketing (KEYEDIN) I really love what you guys are doing to advance the mfg industry in a way that really reaches the right audiences. Jeff Rizzie – Senior Manager-Business Development (Sandvik Coromant)
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Jun 9, 2021

MakingChips hosts Jim Carr and Jason Zenger sit down with Akshat Thirani, the CEO and Co-founder of Amper Technologies, Inc., and Charles Morley, the President of Schleifring Medical Systems, to talk about how Charles implemented Amper technology in his shop, and the benefits it has had on his business.


  • 0:21 Nick talks about how he sees ProShop ERP being used in shops throughout the country.
  • 4:24 Jim and Jason share what’s new at their companies and at MakingChips HQ
  • 6:06 Jason discusses new economic inflation data relating to manufacturing
  • 7:50 Jason introduces Akshat Thirani, CEO and Co-founder of Amper Technologies, Inc., and his history in manufacturing
  • 9:20 Jim introduces Charles Morley, the President of Schleifring Medical Systems, and his relation to Amper Technologies, Inc.
  • 11:27 Akshat explains how Amper helps manufacturers be more Lean and improve day-to-day operations on the shop floor 
  • 13:17 Jim talks about his experience using Amper technology on his machines
  • 15:53 Charles shares his background with Amper and how he implements and monitors their technology in his factory
  • 18:57 Nick explains how you can source high-volume projects through the Xometry network
  • 19:49 Charles discusses how Amper allows for collection of real, trackable efficiency data and can help increase productivity
  • 23:26 Akshat talks about the simplicity of integrating Amper on the shop floor
  • 24:45 Akshat explains the different ways the data provided by Amper can assist in company growth
  • 26:58 Jim mentions that he shows off his shop’s Amper data while prospecting new customers
  • 28:32 Charles shares why he chose Amper over other machine monitoring options
  • 31:30 Charles explains how Amper technology relates to his shop’s Lean process
  • 33:52 Akshat talks about how Amper offers a trial program for their technology
  • 36:12 The hosts and guests offer their final thoughts on how this technology can improve many aspects of a shop
Jun 4, 2021

Hosts Nick Goellner, Jim Carr and Jason Zenger are joined by Mark Cunningham and Kim Akimoto from CLEAR Solutions Sales Consulting to discuss the differences between product and sales management at manufacturing companies, and how strategic sales tools can lead sales teams to success.


  • 0:06 Jim talks about how he found an easy-to-install machine monitoring system from Amper Technologies.
  • 1:37 Nick introduces the topic of episode: Product Management vs Sales Management
  • 3:01 The hosts discuss what’s new at their companies
  • 4:21 Nick shares some manufacturing news about the computer chip shortage
  • 8:53 Nick introduces the guests: Mark Cunningham and Kim Akimoto from CLEAR Solutions Sales Consulting
  • 11:57 Mark explains his time spent in the business, and what opportunities he saw
  • 13:44 Jason discusses the dynamic between himself and his wife in their business
  • 14:12 Mark tells how he got connected with Nick and Hennig, Inc. and the projects that he helped them with
  • 18:15 Nick mentions how he has seen ProShop ERP being used in shops across the USA
  • 19:18 Mark shares how he develops electronic sales playbooks and how they can be used
  • 22:50 Nick talks about how he restructured his sales management and business development units
  • 26:19 Mark discusses the difference between product and sales management
  • 28:10 Kim shares her story, from law school to a strategic sales consultant
  • 30:26 Mark talks about how CLEAR Solutions Sales Consulting leads clients to the right solutions for their businesses through sales tools
May 29, 2021

In this episode of MakingChips, Jim Carr, Jason Zenger and Nick Goellner discuss  Retirement: Yes, No or Never. This could be a step in evaluating your decision whether you are a manufacturing leader at the highlight of your career or at the beginning stages of your career with plans for greatness.


  • 0:14 | Jim talks about Amper Technologies, machine monitoring system, easy to install with minimal onboarding
  • 3:08 | Jim, Jason and Nick talk about retirement, how manufacturers are approaching retirement age
  • 7:55 | The hosts  announce great news that is happening on September 23, 2021.  MakingChips is having a Celebration for Manufacturing Leaders.
  • 10:42 | Nick discusses with Jim and Jason, an article from Modern Machine Shop, March machine tool orders have been the biggest growth since 2019, unit orders have also increased
  • 15:35 | Nick, Jason and Jim mention Xometry - custom manufacturing on demand
  • 16:42 | Retirement talk.
  • 17:25 | The hosts discuss how to tell if you are ready for retirement and signs you are NOT read for retirement.
  • 29:55 | What are your takeaways from this episode? 


May 21, 2021

In this episode of MakingChips, Jason, Jim and Nick discuss the R&D Tax Credit.  This could be a huge saving for your manufacturing company, but please don’t take this episode as legal, accounting or any similar advice; you should contact a professional after you have listened to this episode.


  • 0:40 | Jim points out that he utilizes ProShop ERP tool "Work by Industry Dashboard" to receive real time data
  • 3:12 | Jason asks Nick and Jim "Do you guys like paying taxes?"
  • 3:45 | Jason references Oliver Wendall Holmes, Jr., Former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court - quoted "Taxes are what we pay for a civilized society"
  • 4:22 | Jason references Billings Learned Hand, Former American Judge and Judicial Philosopher who served in the U.S. District Court of Appeals quoted "Anyone may arrange his affairs so that his taxes shall be as low as possible; he is not bound to choose that pattern which best pays the treasury.  There is not even a patriotic duty to increase one's taxes"
  • 9:43 | Jason shares manufacturing news -  what are legislators trying to accomplish, when they come out with a new tax law?
  • 12:45 | Jim calls Paul Van Metre of ProShop ERP to talk about how a client of his utilized the R&D Tax Credit
  • 19:34 | Jason explains what type of research qualifies for the R&D Tax Credit
  • 28:14 | Jim talks about ProShop ERP, to record Documentation Data Metrics
  • 29:34 | Nick, Jim and Jason discuss what may qualify you for the R&D Tax Credit
  • 32:40 | The hosts offer their final thoughts



May 11, 2021

In episode of #267 MakingChips, host Jim Carr and Jason Zenger discuss Why You Need to Consider These New and Low-Cost Employee Benefits"


Connect with us:


  • :02 | Do you love your ERP? ProShop ERP. for additional details please visit:

  • 1:30 | Jason and Jim discuss Employee Benefits, the shift in culture, how we pay benefits to our employee

  • 5:21 | “Save the Date" Thursday, September 23rd, 2021 - Celebration of our industry and Manufacturing Leaders - a party that will Equip & Inspire @ MakingChips Headquarters in Rockford, Illinois

  • 7:35 | Jim shares manufacturing news - Smart Manufacturing news i.e., Broad category of manufacturing that employs computer integrated manufacturing,  high levels of adaptability, rapid design changes, digital information technology and more flexible / technical workforce training

  • 10:05 | Jason and Jim talk about Amper, how Jim is utilizing Amper software (30 day trial) and how it has helped him become more efficient

  • 12:34 | Jason and Jim talk about innovative employee benefits and why to offer those benefits.

  • 27:23 | Jim and Jason offer their final thoughts

May 4, 2021

In episode #266 of MakingChips, host Jason Zenger and co-host Jim Carr Discuss 25 Trends Affecting the Future of Manufacturing in 2021 and Beyond.

Connect with us:



  • :22| Go to and find out why so many manufacturing leaders love ProShop ERP

  • 6:04 | Business Models, People, The World and Tools
  • 6:25 | Business Models

  • 13:56 | People

  • 27:50 | The World

  • 35:52 | Tools

  • 36:32 | Check out, a company that specializes in easy to install machine monitoring systems

  • 41:50 | Final thoughts
Apr 22, 2021

In episode #265 of MakingChips, host Jim Carr, Nick Goellner and Jessica Peterson discuss How to Create a Diverse Community in the Workplace to Solve One of the Biggest Challenges in Manufacturing with Justin Sherman and Andrew Crowe with Equity Machine Works


  • :02 | Jim promotes Amper, a great company that specializes in machine monitoring systems, easy to Install with minimal on-boarding. Check them out at and look under products for their pilot program
  • 11:37 | Justin Sherman and Andrew Crowe from Equity Machine Works, explains Diversity of Manufacturing and how it relates to his business model;  ie; Manufacturing, Teaching, Trades Classes, Managing the Pre-Apprenticeship Program, Grant Funding, Educational Programs, Barriers that some grants create on their own
  • 23:32 | Nick speaks to Manufacturing per prior discussion; Manufacturing needs a rebrand, needs to know how to communicate their brand better
  • 24:37 | Jessica discusses to group how important StoryBrand is - Clarifying your message (using straight-forward language) as well how it can create barriers to entry 
  • 30:21 | Nick talks to Equity Machine Works; Are you a machine shop? What's different between your shop and Carr Machine Tool; Justin speaks to how Equity Machine Works benefits and adding value to the Community
  • 46:52 | Jim and Nick offer their final thoughts on the episode
Apr 13, 2021

In this week’s episode of MakingChips, Jason Zenger discusses 4 reasons to say no to an opportunity.  Manufacturing leaders may need to say no more often to opportunities especially as the economy heats back up.



  • :09 | Jim and Jason discuss how ProShop ERP helped with Jim’s AS9100 virtual audit.

  • 3:59 | Jason and Nick discuss two manufacturing news articles: #1 - article by "CNBC " Reddit
    founder Alexis Ohanian on what life Serena Williams taught him about sustained greatness

  • 7:02 | #2 manufacturing news article: by "Wall Street Journal" Turbo charge economy leaves factory struggling to deliver goods that shoppers want.

  • 8:04 | Jason expresses the four opportunity filters to put your decisions through - #1 Does fit your vision for the future, #2 Does it meet your core values, #3 It does have a measurable ROI, #4 Is it the best option for your client?
  • 18:55 | Jason and Nick offer their final thoughts on the episode
Apr 7, 2021

In this week’s episode of MakingChips, hosts Nick Goellner and Jason Zenger discuss 6 Communications Tools for the Manufacturing Leader.


  • :57 | Nick and Jason discuss how a Manufacturer Leader can learn how to better communicate
  • 4:39 | Nick shares Manufacturing News from an article by Jay Timmons, President and CEO of NAM (National Association for Manufacturers) regarding tax reform and investment incentives for manufacturers
  • 12:25 | Jason recommends the book "Crucial Conversations"
  • 15:43 | Jason talks people, culture, numbers and ProShop ERP - Can get data in real time
  • 16:47 | Nick shares the first tool RACI chart (Responsibility Assignment Matrix)
  • 19:53 | Approval Drawing Review (Approval Review meeting)
  • 23:17 | PCP Program (Premiere Channel Partner Program) 
  • 25:12 | BrandScript (StoryBrand) Help companies tell coherent stories
  • 28:05 | PSM (Process Success Map) - Making your customers successful
  • 30:16 | VOC Program (Voice of the Customer/Client program)
  • 32:83 | Jason offers his final thoughts on the episode


Mar 31, 2021

In this week’s episode of MakingChips, host Jason Zenger and Nick Goellner discuss tips for effectively communicating to your team in the workplace


  • :00 | Jim and Jason share how ProShop ERP helped them with the federal R&D tax credit
  • 1:14 | Jason and Nick discuss changes in leadership at their companies
  • 5:07 | Jason mentions article on Manufacturing predictions for the next
  • 10:57 | Jason and Nick discuss cloud-based data and how moving to Edge and 6G will be faster
  • 11:58 | Nick shares his thoughts on communicating change to team members
  • 17:02 | Jason touches on how you can make implementing changes into a win-win situation
  • 27:26 | Jason and Nick offer their final thoughts on the episode
  • 29:32 | Jessica introduces Xometry’s new purchasing system: Xometry Pay
Mar 10, 2021

In this week's episode of MakingChips, hosts Nick Goellner and Jim Carr are joined by Eric Nekich, a Sales Manager at 5th Axis, to talk about workholding, and the changes in sales tactics through the years.


3:30 | Jim and Nick play a manufacturing quiz game

10:30 | Nick introduces the episode guest Eric Nekich of 5th Axis

14:15 | Eric shares how he got involved in the manufacturing industry

16:00 | Eric talks about how 5th Axis grew from a contract manufacturer to a workholding brand

18:10 | Eric discusses how automation is growing in popularity in machine tool tending

22:00 | Jim talks about what his team likes about 5th Axis workholding

27:33 | Eric and Nick discuss how selling workholding has changed over time

37:14 | Eric explains the difference between the jaws on "dinosaur" vises and 5th Axis vises

40:44 | Eric talks about new modular automation components at 5th Axis

45:10 | Jim offers his final thoughts on the episode

47:09 | Jim and Jason explain the different technologies featured on IMTS Spark

Mar 2, 2021

In this week's episode the MakingChips hosts talk with metalworking influencer Tony Gunn and his career in the manufacturing industry.


0:00 | Jim talks about how simple ProShop ERP made his virtual shop audit

4:25 | Nick shares manufacturing news about the rise of firearm sales

10:00 | Nick introduces the episode guest, Tony Gunn, the General Manager of MTDCNC Global

13:18 | Tony discusses how he got his start in the manufacturing industry

17:40 | Jim asks if the manufacturing industry is still seen as a "dirty" or "lower-class" industry

22:00 | Tony shares some of his thoughts on social media, marketing, and fellow manufacturing influencers

29:19 | Tony talks about his new position at MTD CNC Global

35:30 | Jason asks Tony about what problems he is trying to solve in the manufacturing industry

39:43 | Jim and Jason talk about the knowledge centers at IMTS Spark

Feb 23, 2021

In this episode of MakingChips the hosts discuss sections to include in their production meetings, and how they can benefit their shop and team's productivity.


0:00 Jim shares how he can access real-time data and reports using ProShop ERP.

1:32 The hosts talks about the virtual grand opening of the Boring Bar

5:20 Jim introduces "social intimacy" and how it strengthens relationships

9:40 The hosts discuss what's happening in their businesses

12:30 Jim explains what he uses production meetings for and why they're important

15:49 Jim shares the different sections he includes in his production meetings and the benefits they provide to the team

19:08 Jim discusses how he added weekly COVID-19 updates to his production meetings in response to the pandemic

26:44 Jim creates a "hot list" to update his team on what's going on in the shop

29:50 Jim opens the floor at the end of meetings for Q&A and team discussion

34:18 Jim and Jason talk about the different showcases at IMTS Spark

Feb 17, 2021

In this episode, the MakingChips hosts discuss the career of NFL star Tom Brady, and how his personal keys to success are also applicable to the manufacturing leader.


0:00 | Jim and Jason talk about the different technologies featured on IMTS Spark

7:24 | Jason reads a press release from DARPA about off-Earth manufacturing of lunar structures

12:45 | Jason shares his points on how manufacturing leaders can take cues from Tom Brady's success 

13:13 | The hosts discuss how manufacturing leaders might be retiring too early

24:49 | Jim and Jason talk about IMTS Spark Demo Days with Stephen LaMarco from AMT

31:53 | Jason explains Tom Brady's daily schedule and how having a routine helps with success

37:10 | Like Tom Brady, having a healthy diet and lifestyle can contribute to the success of a manufacturing leader

39:30 | Having core objectives can get you on the path to succeeding, as opposed to unrelated pursuits

43:40 | The hosts offer final thoughts on how Tom Brady's successes can be contributed to his strict regimen and practices


Feb 9, 2021

In this week's MakingChips podcast, Jim and Jason discuss if you can be successful running a small machine shop, with Jim offering tips based on his own experiences.


0:00 | Jim and Jason talk about the different knowledge centers at IMTS Spark

1:10 | Jim mentions how he used ProShop ERP to extract the necessary data to collect the federal R&D tax credit

5:06 | Jim shares information on the failure rates of new businesses

7:45 | Jason explains why he's planning on taking a sabbatical from work

13:00 | Jim reads a news articles about the manufacturing economy bouncing back in 2021, and the different factors that will affect it

20:08 | Jim and Jason talk with Dan from Xometry and Vinny from PenCo Precision to discuss their experience with Xometry during the 2020 pandemic

26:22 | Jim asks "what is success in business?"

31:27 | Jim shares his tips for running a successful small machine shop

39:30 | Jim and Jason talk about how they analyze risks before they make business decisions

Feb 2, 2021

In the newest MakingChips podcast, the hosts discuss how to use triggers to create new habits and systems for your business and your personal life.


0:00 | Nick talks about how he sees ProShop ERP on shop floors across the USA.

4:01 | Jason shares an article about a how people purchase books to display and pretend to look intelligent

7:27 | Jim and Nick explain a times they made changes to remain transparent as leaders

9:23 | Jason describes how he attempted to start changing certain habits at his company by creating new triggers

14:19 | Jason talks about the system he adopted to discuss and track the changing triggers and habits with his team

16:43 | The hosts talk to Chuck Matthews at DP Technology Corp. about IMTS Spark.

24:13 | Jim asks Jason and Nick how they store and utilize the information they gather through reading materials

27:53 | Jason explains how he's used triggers to create habits in his personal life




Jan 26, 2021

In this week's episode of MakingChips, Jim and Jason discuss how and when to talk about politics in the workplace, and why it should never affect business relationships.

0:00 | Jason talks about the 6 different showcases at IMTS Spark 2021

1:40 | Jim and Jason share their thoughts about political discussions in the workplace

4:05 | Jim discusses the new CMM in his shop

7:40 | Jason shares articles about President Biden's COVID-19 relief plan and new trade policies

15:00 | Jason explains why he thinks we need to listen to the political perspectives of others and discuss politics openly

20:10 | Nick tells us about how Xometry can help you with on-demand custom manufacturing

24:18 | Jason shares his notes on how politics can be discussed openly and honestly in the workplace, what basic guidelines you should adhere to, and what kind of environment it should foster

37:07 | Jim discusses how CARR Machine & Tool was able to have a virtual real-time audit through ProShop ERP

Jan 19, 2021

In this week's episode, Jim, Jason, and Nick talk about the different sales channels that you can utilize for your manufacturing company, and their strengths and weaknesses.


0:00 | Nick explains how he sees ProShop ERP on shop floors across the country.

5:15 | The hosts share manufacturing news and purchasing trends for 2021

15:21 | Nick introduces different sales channels and how they function

19:55 | Jason discusses why companies such as Tesla don't go through local distributors and dealers

22:00 | Jim calls Matt Bain of Mazak North America to talk about IMTS Spark

30:38 | Nick introduces the concept of business development leaders, who handle distinct product groups at a national level

32:55 | Nick explains using regional sales managers as a direct channel

37:37 | Jim brings up how too many people in the sales channel could take a longer response time

42:55 | Nick discusses independent manufacturer's representatives as a sales channel

46:38 | Jason and Nick analyze the distributor relationship within a sales channel

49:56 | Jim shares the sales channels that he utilizes

Jan 12, 2021

As we move forward into 2021, the MakingChips podcast hosts look back at 2020, the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and share more lessons they learned as a result.


6:06 | Jim shares information on the characteristics of a visual learner.

9:37 | The hosts discuss the potential usage of wearable technology in machine shops.

13:26 | The hosts emphasize the importance of cybersecurity, and how it will advance in 2021.

15:22 | The hosts discuss integrations of robotics in machine shops, as well as other possible future trends.

21:13 | Jim shares the thoughts and reactions of manufacturing leaders on the pandemic in March of 2020.

23:40 | Jason and Nick explain how they kept their team members informed during the pandemic.

25:00 | The hosts share how they used their organizations and affiliates to gather COVID-19 information for their peers.

29:20 | Jim talks about integrating virtual meetings, how taking risks may lead to new opportunities, and supply and demand issues during the pandemic.

Jan 4, 2021

Part 2 of this 2-part series continues the interview with special guest John Miller, founder of Way of the Mill, an education platform for CNC milling. In this episode, John shares more of his manufacturing knowledge that machine shops can benefit from.

3:38 | John shares his thoughts on how a commitment to details can improve a shop

10:20 | John explains how shops may need to be more open to hybrid solutions across brands and suppliers

12:15 | John tells why he started Way of the Mill in the middle of a pandemic and what the goals for his clients are

17:06 | John explains the process of tap testing and what shops should be using it

24:20 | Jason asks how distributor employees can help manufacturing leaders make choices

Dec 28, 2020

In Part 1 of this 2-part series, the MakingChips hosts welcome guest John Miller, founder of Way of the Mill, an education platform for CNC milling. In this episode, John shares his background in the manufacturing industry, including his time at Makino and Apple, and why he chose to start Way of the Mill.

6:09 | Jason shares current news about the near future of the manufacturing industry due to COVID-19

12:10 | Guest John Miller, founder of Way of the Mill, tells his origin story in manufacturing

16:00 | John shares information on his experience working on turnkey projects at Makino

23:20 | John explains why he chose to share his milling advice online, and how good and bad fundamentals affect a company

27:05 | John discusses his time at Apple, and their involvement in the manufacturing industry

31:09 | John explains how he maintains unbiased content and the value it brings

Dec 21, 2020

In the 250th episode of MakingChips, the hosts discuss new factors and trends in the estimation process, especially when utilizing an ERP system. Jim Carr also shares his quoting process, and the tips and tricks he has used over the years that other manufacturing leaders should take into account.

3:30 | Nick tells a story about quoting

9:00 | Jim shares manufacturing news about the surge in metal prices

12:50 | Jim breaks down the estimation process into 3 factors: the estimator, the tools, and the tactics

19:30 | Jim explains his quoting process

23:30 | The hosts compare a traditional spreadsheet to an ERP system, and what columns to utilize

30:15 | The hosts discuss veteran quoting processes vs newer quoting tactics

34:50 | Jim lists some "red flags" to look out for during the estimation process

38:00 | Jim summarizes his thoughts on effectively quoting a job

Dec 14, 2020

In this week's podcast, hosts Jason Zenger, Jim Carr, and Nick Goellner share the new leadership principles and processes they adopted during 2020 to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, and how other manufacturing leaders can benefit by doing similar.

6:20 | The hosts share recent manufacturing news, plus Nick has his own special announcement

13:20 | Jason explains how he focused on growing his company's core values in 2020

16:15 | Jim discusses the new implementations he made at CARR this year

18:30 | Jason recounts how he increased communication between his employees

28:50 | Nick describes how his leadership team implemented new Lean practices and playbooks

33:09 | Jim shares the added business responsibilities he felt due to the COVID-19 pandemic

35:00 | Jason gives details on his experience of testing positive for COVID-19

Dec 7, 2020

In this week's episode, we share our experiences with imposter syndrome and discuss what it means. We talk about how it affects different generations and how to rise above the feeling that you aren't qualified or don't know what you're doing.

5:01 | Nick covers general manufacturing news - and improving market trends

8:55 | Nick defines imposter syndrome

10:05 | Jason brings up a bible verse that illustrates that everyone is a little bit of an imposter

13:32 | Jason asks how you'll learn anything if you never ask

22:26 | Jason and Nick discuss what imposter syndrome means for a manufacturing leader

25:42 | Nick shares a story about feeling like you can't ask questions or make mistakes

30:32 | Jason mentions how important it is to get your self-worth from multiple places, and Nick talks about how ego plays into imposter syndrome

Nov 23, 2020

In this week's episode, we share our experience as guest speakers at DMG Mori's sales conference this year. We touched base on the evolving sales process during COVID, how DMG really sells, and what old school techniques you can implement in today's new normal.

3:53 |  DMG MORI's team announces keynote speakers - MakingChips

5:17 | Nick discusses the sales challenges brought on by COVID and how his team has adapted to overcome them

7:10 | DMG's area sales manager talks about how they've adapted to the closed doors

11:01 | Nick asks DMG MORI "How does your customer buy?"

20:14 | Jason talks about cultivating relationships and avoiding going silent 

31:50 | Jim goes over old school sales tips in the new "not normal" world

39:21 | A new way to make "cold calling" work again

44:24 | Jason and Jim talk to Marty from Autodesk to talk about what they're doing with IMTS Spark

49:31 | Q&A with MakingChips and DMG MORI

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